Visualising the track plan

The last board has been attached which will have the sea wall for Holes bay and the road leading to Sterte as well as the curves around the signal box. I’ve put the actual points in position to check the clearance for the point motors and deal with my nagging concern that there are too many points. I have considered removing the Sterte road crossover whilst this opens the layout up it impacts potential operations. It stays in for the moment

The layout looking across Holes Bay
Sterte Road sidings and central crossover that allows access from cement sidings to main lines
Harbour sidings loop at the front, then the main lines and feed off the Down line into the yard

I’ll have the corner board off next once I have drilled the fixing holes in place and get it painted and what will be Holes Bay at the front will have some bracing added as it’s currently just Sundeala

I’m trying to figure out the right order for the track fitting. Block wiring is in place under the boards and I haven’t screwed the main boards down yet but each piece of track will need to go to the correct block wires and I’d like to have the points installed and tested before securing the boards down.

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