House Move and News

Its been a long time since I last posted but with the house move completed I’ve been starting to get settled into the new train room and have some boards up and the Nelevation ( tested. Despite thinking and testing that I had the track set in the correct position on the risers I still managed to have one out of spec so have a bent track to replace but other wise all is good and have trains running through both sides in both directions. The electrical connection to the track is actually more reliable now than it was on the old layout so the time spent getting the connection right has paid off. Two pictures below of the Nellie in place and the framework for the baseboards showing. I’ll add some more pictures next time of the bus wiring and block detection wiring .

The plan for the layout remains based on Poole with the range of compromises needed to fit in the room. I’ve done some tweaks to the plan and the latest version is shown below. I use AnyRail ( the latest version and I find it easy to use and especially like the moveable rulers which allow me to exactly position the items on the plan on the baseboard initially

The layering function, not used here allows the rulers to be used on different items and filters can be used to show/hide the measurements. Seem to have some extra ones on this image. I have still to make the curved board for the middle of the layout shaded in dark grey, once that is done I’ll be able to put all the points on the board and see if it looks to busy, the middle cross over under Sterte Foot bridge looks too close to the end and the distances are a little short. However if I don’t have it getting in and out of the cement sidings may be a challenge. The colours now represent different block sections and the wiring of each block up has yet to start outside of the offscene run around and Nellie lines.

next steps are the baseboard, wiring sections, and finalising the plan

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