Wealden Cement – Test Running

Wealden cement is a DCC layout which is controlled through a JMRI Mimic panel. I’ve had to update JMRI as I’ve not run it for the last year and the updates have required me to build a new turnout table and relink the points to the panels. Should be straightforward but I haven’t found theContinue reading “Wealden Cement – Test Running”

Visualising the track plan

The last board has been attached which will have the sea wall for Holes bay and the road leading to Sterte as well as the curves around the signal box. I’ve put the actual points in position to check the clearance for the point motors and deal with my nagging concern that there are tooContinue reading “Visualising the track plan”

Test Track Update

Work on the test track has been progressing with all the track now laid on 5mm foamboard to deaden some of the sound but more importantly to allow me to have all the wiring above boards and create some capacity to route the layout wiring and point motor linkages under the track. Nearly all theContinue reading “Test Track Update”

Test Track Planning

With the move into the flat now completed the train automation testing can commence. I’ve taken advantage of some Black Friday deals to acquire the Digikeijs DR5000 which will be the main control part of the layout and once I have worked out all the connections to iTrain, the D44088 Sensors and the track andContinue reading “Test Track Planning”

Automation Software – Longlist

Based on the requirements in my last post I have started to look at automation software. I’ll start with the long list of products and an initial assessment before shortlisting these down for a more detailed look.   Most seem to offer trial versions so once i have a test layout I can use this toContinue reading “Automation Software – Longlist”

Kilsby Drift – Automation

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to form a team to help exhibit the layout but with the house move to Dorset the friends that have agreed to help are going to be farther away and less available and whilst I’m sure that over time I’ll be able to get other people to help itContinue reading “Kilsby Drift – Automation”