Wealden Cement – Test Running

Wealden cement is a DCC layout which is controlled through a JMRI Mimic panel. I’ve had to update JMRI as I’ve not run it for the last year and the updates have required me to build a new turnout table and relink the points to the panels. Should be straightforward but I haven’t found the list of which turnouts were inverted and once the turnouts are enabled the routes require rebuilding. Been doing that for the last couple of Sundays and managed to fit in some test running shown below.

N Gauge society Hunslet leaves the exchange sidings crossing towards the loading areas.

Hunslet reversing into the exchange sidings to pick up a rake of presflos, really clear here that the Dapol magnetic couplings are different heights and need adjusting as this rake doesn’t auto uncouple as desired.

33112 Templecombe crosses the front of the layout with Cement tankers on.

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