New Web Site

For the those that are new welcome to the updated web site and for those who have been before thanks for coming back.

The old website was based on the Moonfruit platform and we had been on this since the site was first launched back in 2014. I had originally looked at fixing the technology challenges with HTTP/S and Flash but despite getting some workarounds getting help from Moonfruit just wasnt happening. Whilst the pages where rendering ok the flash problem was becoming increasingly challenging and there appeared to be some deadlines approaching as well as the renewal on the existing agreement. In typical brand new customer only fashion our existing plan was now “legacy” and to get changes we nad to update and upgrade. Not happy with the support my hand was forced and we started looking for a replacement.

One of the great features and I didn’t initially get it with the Moonfruit agreement as we had it was for the use of mulitple sites under one account. Both Mrs C and myself shared the admin and she had her own sites for Artistic work. What did become clear as I went through the shortlisting was that feature wasn’t really around any more and it would probabably be easier and more expensive to have an account each. I wasnt planning on selling anything so just wanted a showcase for the layouts whilst the selling of work was on her list. Otherwise our requirements were broadly simlar except that Mrs C is a much more prolific blogger than I am and already had a wordpress site for blogging.

I went through the list of typical vendors and shortlisted down to four. Moonfruit as I didnt really want to do the move. Wix as the templates and a.i looked good, Go Daddy and WordPress. Having done a fair amount of research and having discussed with Mrs C I decieded to move to here- WordPress. I do occasionally get called on for IT support so using the same platform is useful and whilst the write up’s for complex sites weren’t so good for WP the basic setup appeared easy to use and thats all I needed.

I managed to collect a free domain for a year in the process so have both the and .com suffix’s for the moment. I can’t justify the .com address so that will go next year. That assumes of course that I can unbundle the address from the Moonfruit/namesco integrated dashboard to do the renewal. A problem for 2022 🙂

Welcome again and on with the train stuff.

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