WordPress – Thoughts so far

I made the decision to copy over the content from Moonfruit to the new site and somewhat simplify the setup. I haven’t always been great at keeping the site current so wanted something a little easier to maintain. The blogging, now news was appealing and I’m now using this to add my news section as looking back they have been more about news and progress on the layouts than anything else.

Setting up the site was straightforward and I wanted to keep the look somewhat similar so the Home page has links to both the layouts and flickr where I have now posted the better research photo’s. As I’ve taken lots fo photos with a view to modelling they may be useful to other people for the detail and estimating of sizing and structure that is required. I had expected to be evicted from Flickr and hadn’t even looked at this for some time but that doesnt seem to have happened. As far as I can tell all the photo’s are there and the links from WordPress to the correct folders seem fine.

I copied over most of the content via the Microsoft One Note Application, This is great for storing structured notes and already had copies of the Crawley Yard blog from RM Web and other content so didnt take that long to do. What I did find was lots of spelling mistakes which I was able to correct. What I didn’t appreciate is that WordPress doesn’t have a bult in Spell checker, how did I miss that from the worlds favourite Blogging site ? I’ve added grammarly now which seems to work in chrome as an extension but may well edit and create in the future in one note which at least leaves the content in my domain should I end up moving sites again.

So we have a new home page and I’ve included the future shows and a contact me sheet which removed a couple pages from the menu I had at Moonfruit. The layout pages are in the process of being added and refined and I’ll probabaly keep these to single pages for the forseeable which appear to perform well with modern technology. As you can sort of see from the image I had ended up with a number of nested pages for each layout to aid performance but made navigation a larger issue and needed lots of buttons to ease the path.

Any feedback on the structure or content please let me know

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