Wealden Cement Testing 2019

Taken advantage of the good weather to get Wealden Cement set up in the garden ready for testing at the clb in early August. I wanted to make sure all the legs and braces were fitting correctly, marked all the legs and fitted retaining nuts on all of the bolts. I used the session to get to the back of the layout which is more complicated when the layout is in my study and tested the control panel, DC and DCC tracks and switching as well as ensuring trains run all round the layout. I

I’ve done a base level of scenics on the boards but stil have the buildings off the board. This is to ensure that all the sections work with the majority of the stock. Once the WSNG test is over then I’ll add the buildings, finish the scenic work.

I’ve had this layout on the go now for over 4 years so looiking forward to getting it finished. I’ve been working on others over the same time but its been a long time getting to this state.

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