Kilsby Drift – Automation

I’m hoping that I’ll be able to form a team to help exhibit the layout but with the house move to Dorset the friends that have agreed to help are going to be farther away and less available and whilst I’m sure that over time I’ll be able to get other people to help itContinue reading “Kilsby Drift – Automation”

Kilsby Drift – Layout Planning

The house move has slowed to a crawl now and with all the layouts except Sturminster Newton in storage thoughts have started to turn to the potential setup in the new house and the options I have available. The plan as it is today is that I’ll have a shed for the layouts and I’mContinue reading “Kilsby Drift – Layout Planning”

Kilsby Drift – The Concept

As I start to get into the design work for Kilsby Drift I though it was worth while looking back at the thinking and decisions that have led to this point. The driver is fairly easy and with no previous interest and no local knowledge or experience with the WCML the decision to support RevolutionContinue reading “Kilsby Drift – The Concept”