Poole – The Concept

We should be exchanging on our new house at the end of this week so my thinking has been dancing around both what I’m going to be able to do in the garden as O gauge and what will be in the railway room.  More on the Garden options in due course.

 I will be using one of the bedrooms which is 3M  by 3.8M but with an extrusion and alcove on the back wall which I’ll need to work around for my new “home layout”, not designed for exhibiting but it will be built to be moveable should we end up moving again or if I want to change things around but don’t want to rebuild.  I’ll do this exactly the same way as I built the last home layout with a lower set of frames and the conventional baseboards sitting on top of these.  Underneath will be storage and I’ll have some shelving above the layout.  One of the key considerations is the Nelevator which is 1473mm long .  I know from experience that I do need to take the covers off from time to time and fettle trucks and trains that have derailed or won’t start.  The Nelevator really needs therefore to be accessible from the top and underneath so the board in front of it can’t be too wide,  on the last layout I had Shillingstone in front so just a double track line with the platforms and a bit of scenery and that worked well.   If I put this on the long wall then I’m going to hamper what will be effectively the largest baseboard so this needs to be on the end wall and conveniently appears to fit in front of the extrusion allowing for access from the backwall.  I can do a return around the alcove and back in front of the Nelevation.  Based on this thinking and  desire not to have a round a room layout with a duck under this time and my workstation needing to be in the corner the layout is going to be L shaped with a complete loop included. 

Room Outline showing extrusion (Blue box) and location of door, window and desk. Drawn from AnyRail which isn’t ideal for this.

Baseboard outlines added (grey) showing the proposed layout area. Provides longest wall for core part of the layout, Nelvevation accessible and not blocking off the alcove and allowing the door to open. Desk under window for modelling/working

Next challenge – Freeform or based on a location.   I didn’t have to think very hard about this. Coming from Poole and having spent many hours on the station it appeared to be a bit of a shoe in for the location.  I could use the long side for Sterte Sidings the right hand end for the sidings and the station across the front of the Nelevator.  The curves and compression required are not quite right but I think works. I’ve started this on AnyRail and have the initial drafts below.

The Period to model has been a bit more of a challenge,  Poole station has moved once around the curve from the high street to the current location in I think the 1960’s and was rebuilt in a standard BR design. This was rebuilt again in the 2000’s  ( I will research this in more detail once I can get to the library ) with a new glass roof/canopy.  I remember the middle period which was all BR Blue  Class 33’s with 4TC units,  Class 47 on the Inter-regionals , was the Pines Express using Sterte sidings and few class 73 and 74’s on different things and the occasional freight working.  I don’t remember the yard getting much use but may be mistaken.  Between the first station moving and the end of the 1970’s the dock branch was removed and a number of buildings including the goods shed were removed. The flyover and Barclays including the multistorey were built in the 1970’s and these would feature in the backscence and hiding the Up end_ Towards Bournemouth and London, At the down end I have plotted with Holes bay junction included but this is a massive compression.  I may just end at Sterte lane Road bridge and then have the returns around the back of the layout to the Nelevation.

The inital plan includes

  • Complete run round loop through the nelevator for continual running
  • Poole Station -not shown but will be in front of the nelevation and around the curve
  • Core layout based on Sterte sidings and the yard at Poole
  • Docks branch and exchange sidings with terminating sidings off scene behind the door
  • Outline based loosely on the only plan I currently have shown below from the NLS and from 1946. I’ll refine this as over the years sidings and track will be changed

Next time, more reserach on the station and views on period and stock to run

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