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Wealden Blue

Sussex traction between the mid 60's and 70's in and around Sussex

My next project in conjunction with Nick Harling has a long list of wishes and needs but think we have settled on N gauge, Period from the mid 60's into the 1970's in  Sussex.  At this point Steam has been nearly phased out so expect to see a range of locomotives from the 33,47 and 73 classes in a range of Green and Blue as well as the standard EMU's all running on 3rd rail electified lines.


I'm thinking of using the Bachmann Art Deco range of buildings and Signal box along with the transformer site.  I suspect though the majority of the buildings and bridge will need to be scratchbuilt


The drawlng above, Produced with AnyRail software is based on 3  4 foot boards 30 inches wide, The curves are tight and this well need some testing before settling on the size. This is version 2 of the design (Version 1 below) and extended so I could include a running around loop and reduce the size of the fiddle yard.  The loop represents the lines to Dorking and the lines to Crawley will be extended to join up with Nick's end.

Were planning a layout of variable length but with a station and Fiddlyard at each end so we can effectively fire trains at each other and control our own stations.


Initial plans are for DCC. Were still going to use Isolating sections until track detection arrives to stop the trains in each other stations.


We have been discussing a range of intermediate  joiniing boards of 4 Foot long with two connection tracks at 5 and 6 Inches from the front. This will enable us to build a corner or two and shape the layout to fit into an exhibition space. .

:Layout Requirements


• Mid 60's to early 70's_ BR Green to BR Blue

• Mainly EMU so need third Rail

• Based on Real locations in Sussex

• Double track main line

• Runs only items that ran in Sussex

• Tracks run through Sussex Countryside

• Modular Design to allow

• Multiple options for running

○ 8 Foot Standalone

○ 8 Foot standalone with FY at each end

○ 16 foot with FY at each or one end

○ 16+ feet with middle scenic boards added

• Station to Station  Design

• No or Limited points on addon section unless Train service (Aggregates, Oil)

• Must fit in two cars

• Corner boards to make  L and U shape s




OO or N we have settled on N

• 8 Foot base Scenic Module

• No wider than 2 Feet ( Could be less

• Could be extended with middle "Feature " Boards

• Feature Board Options

○ Bridge over River ? (Any prototypical)

○ Viaduct

○ ANO Feature

• Design upfront to make minimal changes to switch Periods

○ Vehicles

○ Signage

○ People

○ Cameo's?



• Finescale Track

• RTR Points ??

• Seep Point Motors (Low Baseboard height for Storage)



• DCC - Have Sound Capability

○ Share existing controller ?

○ Buy new compatible device ?

• Point Switching - Manual via Control Panel. Some DCC switching to allow remote operation (Single user at shows ? )

Southern Stations Horsham Station Wealden Blue - The Build Horsham v2 Jan 2015

The Drawing below, Version 1 was designed for 18 inch wide baseboards. After some reflection I decided to increase the width so I could cater better for the Epsom lines. The concept stays the same with the footbridge acting as the scenic break on the left hand side.

Version 1...