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Templecomeb had quite a distinctive layout and had a complex manouver associated with it once the S&D station was closed to get the stopping trains up onto the platform which was on the GWR station and crossed above the S&DJR at 90 Degrees.  


The main features of the yard include the very distinctive brick built 2 road engine shed,  Turntable behind but accessd from the side and the old station masters house and cattle dock on the S&D Line.


Most  of the later pictures show lines of locomotoves waiting their turn for the scrapman and lots of Steel coal wagons in the sidings



The Layout has ended up being focused around 3 locations but ended up as Two Stones as these are the stations.  

  • Broadstone for the main line where the LSWR crosses  the S&D which goes from a double to single track line.

  • Shillingstone where the line passes in  front of the Nelevation

and then the shed which i have based on the S&DJR shed at Templecombe

Templecombe  Shed - Range of photo's sourced from the Internet ...