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Two Stones

This is my spare room layout built around the room with a removable section across the doorway.   After a lot of thinking and drawing with an initial desire to run both modern and steam on separate lines I concluded that it would be too difficult to achive total separation but with the use of Broadstone as the main station and the Nelevator.  I could use the junction to have a two track main line using the Nelevator to give me a continuous loop and the Main S&DJR line ( single from here north ) to create Shillingstone using the newly released buildings and also found room to insert a shortened version ot Templecombe shed.  With space along the front to create a Cement works so I can use my cement stock as well.

Nelevation Two Stones Research Two Stones Layout

Two Stones                                


The layout is based on various locations on the Somerset and Dorset line . and is scenically set in the final decade before the line closed in 1966.  

At this time the range of motive power consists of 4F, 7F, Black 5’s and the standard BR classes 3MT, 4MT, 5MT and 9F’s.  West Country’s, Pannier Tanks, Colletts and other engines are occasional visitors many of these are available as models along with an increasing range of coaches.  

The S&D Line ran from Bournemouth West to Bath over the Mendips climbing to over 811 feet at Masbury in Somerset.  The line was mainly doubled in the north but Templecombe to Blandford in Dorset were single and relied on Whittaker Tablets and passing loops at the principle stations. The line hosted the Pines Express from 1910 to 1962 when it was rerouted away setting the line-up for closure.


The Key areas of the layout are :-



This is the main station on the layout featuring main lines to Poole and Hamworthy for the LSWR line whihc ran to Wimborne and eventually to Brockenhurst. Know as Castlemans Corkscrew after the local lawyer who had the route approved by Parliment.  The Track for the Somerset and Dorset singles here to go to Corfe Mullen and then Blandford.  The road bridges at the southern end of the station form the scenic divide here and the LSWR lines dissapear into the Pine forest and curve around the room.  I'll hopefully fit in some Golf holes like the real thing and maybe even the bridge.  There are two sidings and a headshunt in the yard.


The layout then curves around the shorter end of the room (Door end) with the Somerset and Dorset Line dropping to the lower level and going over the line to the Cement /Aggregate Works.



The Somerset and Dorset line arrives into Shillingstone station following the correct route in. This is a narrow module as the Nelevation sits behind the station on the Stour Valley side.  Shillingstone itself is modelled as per the prototype. Unlike the OO version I built I won't be using the Goods Shed here but will have a go at building or modifying a couple of provender stores as some of the photo's show.  I'm not sure if the goods shed was ever actually built here. Inside the  museum room at the station there is a framed plan showing the plans for a shed but I've certianly not seen any evidence it was actually built








Two Stones Build


The layout built  in the spare bedroom and is some 11 feet by 7. The track runs around the room and is operated from the middlle,  The layout is based on a Pine frame which runs around the room and then conventiaonal pine framed with Sundaela top baseborads are laid on top.


Having decided to have multiple leves which look really good and done some limited expreimentation with the pulling capabilities of the stock which in the main cope with the gradients my only challenge is the room barrier. The Track here is at 2 differnet heights on  one side and 3 on the other.  getting this lined up and consistently working at the moment is an art and although I have tried a number of different methods for locking I'm yet to find something that works consistenly,  Work to do


The layout is DCC operated and is either operated using the Hornby Railmaster software and eLink or Gaugemaster Prodigy and JMRI for control.  The laptop has a full mimic panel which controls routes for each Fiddleyard road and the main routes through the station.


The Points will eventutally all  be controlled by Cobalt point point motors. At the moment I'm manually throwing them and where needed I have fittes Gaugemaster Frog Juicers to provide frog power (Slips and 3 Ways plus modified points where the frog has been isolated and the crossings soldered to the main lines.


The layout was designed to fit an Nelevation module. This rises and falls depending on the train selected and is capable of holding 20 8 coach trains. Without this module the concept wouldnt have been possible as the Fiddle yard would have taken one side of the room.  This works well and allows me to store around 18 trains leaving up and down lines free,  Having the stock out and useable but out of the dust is an immense benefit , I do however have to spend an hour or three before and after every show I do though to unload and reload the stock used at the shows.


The Track is all Peco Code 55


DSC01205 Broadford Stone V3.3 - N Elevation Moved to Spare IMG_1261 IMG_0260



From Shillingstone the main line contines as a double underneath the lines from the Nelevation and up the ramp back into Broadstone. Just after Shillingstone their is ajunction which takes you into Templecombe Yard


Templecombe Yard

I wanted a yard on the layout to store some of the locomotives and spare rolling stock and after looking at a number of different options in various books and magazines I cam back to using Templecombe which has been the main driver for making the layout S&DJR based.  it actually seems to fit in the space I have well and I seem to be able to get most of the features of the actual location included.  I've played around with the design and installed a couple more 3 way points than originally planned to give me more siding length. I'm planning on using the Peco turntable with a motorising kit and will have to scratch build the shed. The Good shed from the Shillingstone set wil fit in here and again there are a number of stores and other buildings to build eventually.


The through line through the yard goes into the next section


Cement /Aggregates Yard

I've been collecting a range of cement stock and shunters for wealden Cement and I really wanted to use them at home as well so I just wanted to incorpoate a cement/Aggregates yard and this is located in front of Broadstone station. This is based on the same plan that I have used for Wealden Cement with exchange sidings and separate loading and storage area.  Not sure how I'm going to decorate this yet any may still change to perhaps have the Radstock coal mine and loading bays


From here the line goes under the S&D branch line and up the incline to join on the main LSWR lines before the nelevation