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OO  8 Feet by 2 ( So it fits in my Railway Room) for the scenic area


4 Feet Cassette Fiddle Yards at each end covering both the main line and the extended sidings


To include the station and Yard area


Needs to all fit in the car (Back)


Points and Signals controlled by switches to be located somewhere on board


DCC Train control with sound fitted locomotives


Use range of Bachmann buildings


Shillingstone - Concept


Build a OO layout for the first time based on utilising the Bachman Buildings in a way that would allow the layout to be operated across a variety of era's.


The Bachmann buidlings are a mixture of what has been photographed in the 50's -60's along with the restored station as it is now. Looking back at the photos and records its clear that the buildings wwouldnt have changed that much from when they were built until the railway closed in 1966.  So assuming that then the things that set the time are the Stock, People (clothing) and the Vehicles


The S&D came under the control of the LMS in 1930 and at this point the existing S&DJR Blue livery was phased out on both coaches and engines.  Running before 1930 becomes a little problematic and I need to check when the various engines were bought into service but assume I could potenitally go back to the Great War (1914-18) and run some other stock from different companies in this period.


Post 1930 the line came under joint control of the SR for the lines and buidlings and the LMS for the engines and coaches. The LMS appeared to have moved fairly quickly to replace all of the older S&DJR coaches from Highbridge and I assume started to use LMS period 1 coaches. Many of the S&D locomotives stayed on the line but were repainted, I assume over a period of time into the LMS Livery of plain and lined black. The coaches of LMS Maroon.


During WW2 (1939-45) there are a number of records again of lots of different engines and coaches running over the line.


The next transition period is Nationalistation in 1948. The LMS Livery engines and coaches being replaced by BR early period and blood and Custard coaches. The engines and coaches remain the same but maybe some BR MK1's start to creep into the mix


In 1956 BR change again moving to the Late emblem on the engines and back to Maroon and for SR stock green for coaches. There are lots of colour photos' of this period so this will reflect the latest period I will be modeling.




Early Period - 1915 - 1935  - SDJR Blue, LMS Black and Red coaches

Midde Period  - 1940-1955 -  LMS Black -Red - BR Early Emblem  Blood and Custard

Late Period      - 1955-1966 -  BR early Emblem- Late Emblem  Maroon and Green



Early Peiod  - Mainly Horse Drawn, Some Steam - Very Early Cars/Lorries

Middle Period - Still Horses - Early cars and Lorries

Late Period - Cars and Lorries






End to End layout designed to fit in the RM Web Modular Standards

Loco Roster
Site Survey
The Build Internet Images Shillingstone Project

The Shillingstone Railway Project are recreating the sation and surrounds with the pictues above showing progress to date. The Station is open Wednesdays and weekends and there is lots of information on the website .