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By Gavin, Jun 7 2015 07:37PM

Spent the day in the garden doing a test build of the layout and running. Still a few things to sort out before the show at the end of the month but feeling a lot happier this evening than I was on friday. Still having some problems with the track and the points so some more work to do on the electrics. I'm very pleased with the way the layout looks, from the end 16 feet of track just looks great and the trains really look like they are flowing through the scenery. The grass areas need another run over with the static grass and still have the goods yard to to complete

By Gavin, Jun 7 2015 06:41PM

Racing now to get ready for the modular show at the end of the month. A key task today was to check that with the scenery loaded onto the boards that they all still fitted together. Apart from one telegraph pole that was all good so very pleased. I'd spent some time in the planning to make sure everything would fit but the telepgraph posts and signals were the key risk items. You can see the newly added sides which were all painted as well to make the layout safe for the modular ware are tear.

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