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News and updates from the various layouts all in one place

By Gavin, Jun 7 2015 06:41PM

Racing now to get ready for the modular show at the end of the month. A key task today was to check that with the scenery loaded onto the boards that they all still fitted together. Apart from one telegraph pole that was all good so very pleased. I'd spent some time in the planning to make sure everything would fit but the telepgraph posts and signals were the key risk items. You can see the newly added sides which were all painted as well to make the layout safe for the modular ware are tear.

By Gavin, Apr 25 2015 05:37PM

Work on Shillingstone progresses slowly with the track now down and some of the base colour which makes a massive difference to the look of the layout now completed. Getting the points working has been much harder than I anticipated with a lot of fettling required even though for the first time i used the cobalt template. With the electrics nearly done I can start to think about some of the scenic work but I do still need to install longer legs which I want to get done soon whilst the weather is good. With the decision made to enter this in the Brit Mod 00 -2015 Challenge I need to raise the height by 2 inches which unfortunatly means new legs, not a problem I have a home for the old ones but does mean they need to cut, drilled, and then braced.

By Gavin, Jan 23 2015 05:56PM

Crawley Yard boxed up and ready to go to the Erith Show for the weekend. The layout came out of the garage over xmas and has been in the study for testing and cleaning prior to packing up in the boxes. The layout survived in the boxes with minimal damage or creature invasion and so only a bit of dusting was needed. There were a couple of things I wanted to add but due to the problems with my elite I spent most of my free time changing from the Hornby eLink to my Gaugemaster Prodigy and JMRI Software.

The latest version of JMRI includes full support for the prodigy and whilst it took me a few days to get used to the software I'm really pleased with the result. I was able to connect WiFi Throttles after a bit of trial and error. Used layout mode to build a Mimic panel on the PC, set up all the routes twice (Interesting feature saving everything in one file :-) ) and tested that all out with Prodigy handsets, PC throttles and WiFi Throttles. Have more than enough options now for controlling the layout.

By Gavin, Nov 30 2014 07:31PM

After looking at the points on my workbench for several months and only making slow progress towards completing them I have finally capitulated and consigned them to the modelling box of the future when time is more readily available and I don't feel the need to see progression. I'd made some progress with them but still I think had over 7 days modeliing required to complete the set required and get them fitted.

The other rather schoolboy error was looking at them laid out and realising that each point was 2-3 inches longer than a Peco short radius point and with the longer 3 way was going to make the yard more cramped than I would have liked.

I now have Peco Code 75 finescale points on the layout and have commenced with the tracklaying and preparation for wiring up. I've started ddrilling the holes for the point motors and dropped in all of the track power feeds. The RM Web modular setup requires that I separate the track bus from the control bus so I'll be feeding the cobalt point motors under the baseboard from a secondary bus. As I will also have lights eventually I think thats 3 buses needed so will use some simple 6 way connectors for the internal connections between the boards. I've fitted a couple of these to Sturminster in the last few weeks to get that ready for its next show and quite happy with the ease of connection.

By Gavin, Aug 4 2014 08:17PM

Module 1 is the southern approach into the station. The River Stour is off the backscene but the land rises steeply towards Shillingstone village on the viewing side. The original intention was to try and use the boards for both a cassette Fiddleyard and a scenic module but it was starting to get complicated trying to work out how to replace and what to do with the modules so just going to go with 4 scenic modules for the moment and If i get the chance or want to exhibit in the future I can add some Cassette boards and units fairly easily.

The boards are based on a 9mm by 95mm Pine frame, ontop of this and braced is a 6mm Marine ply baseboard. At each end of the board I've installed a 9mm strip of MDF which protects the ends and provides a fixed point for the track to eventually be soldered onto. The middle of the boards are infilled with 2 layers of 5mm artists foamboard. This will then be cut away once the track is loaded to provide some depth. The hills in the foreground are made from expanded polystyrene and have now been covered by Mod-Roc ready for painting. I'll probably do no more work on this now until the track is laid when I've finished making it.

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