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Wealden Cement - Update

By Gavin, Apr 2 2016 07:39PM

I have most of the track down provisionally now and some of the building shells created to start to get the look and feel right. The buildings are the second iteration of some of them as the first ones were a little to large. These will get a first coat of paint and be reinforced and then when I have all of them in place will be put to one side to glue the track down and start the electrics. Actually maybe electrics first just to test everything but as I haven't got the point motors yet that may take a while. The building at the front was based on an unloading shed at I think Dumfires. It looks over large and I'm not overly happy with the shape so next job will be to rebuild in a smaller size, but probably the same building as it will suit that unloading loop well I think.

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