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By Gavin, Aug 3 2014 06:56PM

The station baseboards are now partially completed and the test set up in garden went ok. With an overall length of 16 feet this is double the length of my existing layouts. The original and potentially Plan A was to have two cassette based fiddle yards at each end, this is still a viable solution but I've been distracted by the Modular concept so fully engaged now in participating in the RM Web Moular Solution. For this i'm developing Plan B which will see the two Fiddle Yard boards replaced by Connetor/extendor boards which will connect the station and yard lines which are around 6' in from the edge with a central line at 9' on a 18' wide board. The cassette FY's would fit in the car but I think I would have struggled if they had been scenic so reducing the width to 18' will make fitting in the car somewhat easier and allow me to store the two coffins side by side . I retested the coffin today with the back and end scenes fittted and that looks good. I hope all my measurements work once the buildings are fitted as both baseboards locked together come in at under 18' high. I want to be able to store them when not using them so having the tight fit wil hopefully keep the dust out. I've marked up each end and drilled the holes and fitted the handles (not shown)

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