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May 16th Track plan and Diorama

By Gavin, Jun 12 2016 07:37PM

Not a lot of visible progress on the layout at the moment as I've been mainly working underneath on the electrics. All the point motors are now fitted on board one and I tested them all out today and gave them all their numbers (Cobalt IP's), some didnt fire the points fully but I'll go back next and fit the sleepers in the gaps between the track and point join and fix them down ready for ballasting before doing a final check. I updated the track plan as I needed the numbers recorded somewhere and in doing so tidied it up so that all the long pieces are now not appearing red. For those who don't use Anyrail in the software you can take a piece of flexible track and extend its length but if you exceed its actual length it will show red in your plan. Not an issue as I'm using code 55 flexi all over but it does look tidier now. I've added magnets at all eighteen uncoupling points under the tracks and tested these out with some fitted stock. This is critical and I'm itching to test these out for real. With the hand of God they seem to work just fine but the presflo's all need to be adapted as they dont have NEM coupling box's and i've not started on that yet.

My other activity is with the buildings, I'm entering them as a diorama in our clubs modelling competition so whilst being a bit of a distraction this does allow me to test out some key areas. The first one of these is the back scene, chalk cliffs like Snodland and Shoreham. These are no way close to finished but I think they look effective behind the models. I've had a real challenge with the paint selection and colouring for the buildings and seem to have a range of finishes at the moment, none of which I'm overly keen on. I will probably overspray once im ready but need to find that elusive base colour first. All the buildings are removable from the diorama and are in exactly the same place they will be on the layout. Couple of drops of glue on the base's just to secure them down for the competition. I've added a bit of detail to some of the buildings. I need to reflect on these as they may be overscale in some

cases but they start to make the models look better.

Next job is point motor fitting on board 2 and the wiring up of all the distribution points scattered across the boards. I'll post some pictures next time. On the diorama the track is glued down but needs to be ballasted and the gap between the buildings will be buried in concrete. I've not done that before but looking forward to giving it a go.


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